by Galactic Pegasus

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released May 6, 2015




Galactic Pegasus Surrey, British Columbia

Galactic Pegasus is a 5-piece 'djent' influenced band from British Columbia, Canada.

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Track Name: Homecoming
I'm here to say I'm on my way back
I made the jump myself from decadence
To excellence
The constantly longing for more
The old hopeless me
Looking back for you
The old hopeless me
Finding nothing new
Lasts only one night
Running endlessly
Running hopelessly
This is my Homecoming
Poison grows in the form of ideas
Like a cancer now
Next chapter please
I'm really fucking dying to turn the page
Of this
Cut my fucking losses and begin again
After all of this confusion
I wonder where i would have been
(Running endlessly)
You said this was ours
Forever and a day spent
watching the same mistakes
Maybe we're not meant to be
(Running endlessly)
Isn't it funny how you have control
And then it's gone
Maybe we're not meant to be
This is my homecoming
Poison grows in the form of ideas
Like a cancer NA-A-A-OW
Put em up quick
This is not where I 'oughta be
Hoping you wince
When you laugh at the thought of me
If you're not legit
then you're basically a nothing
In this life